Blood of a Leo – available now ^_^

Sorry for the late update, but I can proudly tell you guys that the extended and improved Blood of a Leo has now been released. Enjoy the read ;)

Follow this link to the book’s page at R&P

Blood of a Leo


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Release date – Blood of a Leo

A little birdie told me that Blood of a Leo might just come out this Friday. So cross your fingers ;)


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Cover Art: Blood of a Leo + Now available for Pre-order

It’s finally here ^_^ the cover for Blood of a Leo, just in time for the US To legalize gay marriage throughout :D Wonderful!!

Click on the Cover to get to Rooster & Pig, scroll down the first page to find and pre-order the book ;)

Blood of a Leo

Oh, and as an extra added bonus due to the great news for gay marriage, Rooster & Pig have an extra surprise in store for you ;)

Love Wins-1

The coupon will expire July 30th.


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Cover Coming Soon ;)


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Because \|^_^|/


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Release date: Blood of a Leo

The countdown can finally begin.

The official release date for the new and improved Blood of a Leo is set for July 24th ^_^

What better way to enjoy the summer ;)


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Been awhile – updates and a request

Hey guys, first thing first :) The edits for Blood of a Leo have now been completed and sent in for a final check by the editor in chief, so I’m hoping a definite date for the re-release won’t be far off :) Also really looking forward to getting a look at the new cover. (Yay!)

I’ve signed the contract for book three and am currently going through Keeping Zane before submitting that as well. Main goal this summer: Finish Biting Liam ;) Hopefully it will be out soon after the re-publish of Keeping Zane :)

(Also having minor inspirations regarding Solomon’s book here and there ;) )

I’m definitely back in the game and that feels great!

I’ve been working really hard and am in a good place now, but googling yourself online can sometimes be sad. Lately my original books have been pirated. If I was a well off person, this might not have bothered me so much, but that isn’t the case. I do hope someday I can live off of my writings, but that is a long way off. For now I write because it makes me happy, but having people throwing around my books just as I am about to have the new and improved versions republished is really demotivating.

I first noticed this person posting my books on one page and I contacted the copyright division for that page, (I would have rather contacted the user him-/herself, bt was unable to do so without joining the page) The books were removed, but now I’ve noticed the same person having posted them again. I can understand people being impatient and wanting to read my books, but please don’t go about it this way. If anyone is on one of these pages, I hope you can give the user cp1969 a link to this post. I have no interest in taking any legal actions, but I want the person responsible to know I do care and don’t want him or her to pirate my books.

Authors are delicate beings and we love our fans. Though some say being pirated is a sign of respect, I feel it is rather heartbreaking.

I hope everything gets cleared up so that I can put my full attention on my work ahead. I love my books and I love creating these worlds, and I plan to keep going for years to come :) and some years after that, and some years after that and so on ^_^



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