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My self-published works are now also available for purchase on KOBO. KOBO reading apps can be downloaded for free on your computer, phone etc.

Solomon’s Pride, volume 1, containing books 1-3 has been added. So has book 4, 5 and 6 of Solomon’s Pride, along with Saying yes to coffee (An Invitation, book 1).



Solomon’s Pride, Vol 1

Keeping Zane

Biting Liam

Returning Zeke

Saying yes to coffee


Release Day! Returning Zeke (Solomon’s Pride, book 6)

The day has finally come ^_^ Returning Zeke, (Solomon’s Pride, book 6) is finally released ❤ You can order the ebook here !

winter forest in snow

Now, as some of you already know this is the last ‘offical’ Solomon’s Pride book, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be more coming from this universe. I am planning several stories in a ‘Beyond Solomon’s Pride’ series – which will consist of stories regarding side-characters of the original series. (*Spoiler* one of these stories will revolve around a certain Alpha whose name is vaguely cat-like 😉 ) And of course, every now and then I will release short-stories on my blog featuring these characters and/or characters from my other works.

Enjoy the read!

Long time no see

Just realized I haven’t posted anything here in awhile and that must be fixed 🙂

What’s going on?

Well, I am currently working on my book Returning Zeke (Solomon’s Pride, book 6). I started it a while ago and got stuck. To shake my head loose, I took a break from it and started writing a short story called – How to say yes to coffee – (and no, it isn’t a how-to book at all). The story is almost done, just needs some final touches and editing. It is the first story in a series of shorts (between 16-22k words in length) called An Invitation, that follow the same concept, but where the stories are independent of each other and can therefore be read as standalones. The first story will be released before October ends (maybe before September ends if I can get everything ready). These stories will be written inbetween projects or when I get stuck and need a break. I have three more stories with fairly complete outlines for these short stories so far.

My break, writing ‘How to say yes to coffee’ worked and I am back to working on Returning Zeke with renewed energy. I really want to have it published in December, or January, at the latest – Because there is snow on the cover, but my productivity isn’t always agreeing with me. I will however, guarentee a new free short for Christmas this year, here on my blog, from the Solomon’s Pride universe.

Other news:

German translation of my books are going well and I see here that my last mention of these was The Link that binds. Since then, Heart of Dame has been published, Keeping Zane is available for pre-order (Release date: September 21st) and Biting Liam is tentatively set for release in November.

Solomon’s Pride – German Translations

Blood of a Leo has already been released in German and the next translated book, The Link that binds, will be available on June 29th 😀 And here is the cover:


And while I don’t currently have the date for Heart of Dame (But I’m guessing at the end of July or the first half of  August) I do have the cover for that one as well. So enjoy! 😀


Kindle edition: Solomon’s Pride volume 1

Solomon’s Pride volume 1 is now available as an ebook in Kindle format at the lovely price of 9.99$ This collection includes the serie’s three first stories:

Blood of a Leo – The Link that Binds – Heart of Dame



*If you purchase the print edition, you’ll also get a great deal on the digital edition for those of you who want to have it both in paperback and on your kindle (or any other devices with a kindle-compatible e-reader)

I have also started formatting volume 1 for Smashwords for those of you who are experiencing problems with the kindle format, but it is a process that I can’t give an estimate on timewise as I am doing it inbetween working on my other projects.

I have officially started working on Solomon’s Pride, book 6 – Returning Zeke. My goal is to finish/publish Returning Zeke early autumn, and have Volume 2 ready before Christmas. Hopefully, my muses are fully charged to lend me some inspiration so I don’t stagnate :/

The cover currently used for Vol 1 is a homemade one, but hopefully I’ll have enough funds to splurge on a new print and ebook cover by the time vol 2 is ready to go, for both volumes. As you may have seen I have a gorgeous cover all ready to go for book 6 and I’m looking forward to put it to use. I only want new covers for the volumes – depending on cost I might have to limit myself to the print covers, but for now I’ll stick with the one I created.