There are still some sales going on if you want to catch a deal. Rooster and Pig and Amazon are having sales on several wonderful stories including Blood of a Leo!

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Cover art “Heart of Dame” (yes, the third cover before the second)

I just couldn’t wait any longer :3 I really love the cover that Winterheart Design made for my Solomon’s Pride book 3, Heart of Dame.

It’s definitely my favorite cover!



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Cover art approaching

So I should soon have some treats for you guys ^_^ Winterheart Design is currently working on “The Link that Binds” and “Heart of Dame”

In fact, the cover for “Heart of Dame” is done and I absolutely love it!

I’ll try to wait for “The Link that Binds” cover to be completed before I share them with you, simply because of my internal struggle with showing you the cover for the third one before the second one :P

No worries though, if it takes awhile for the TLTB cover to be completed, I’ll probably cave to my own impatience and share the HOD cover.

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Just wanted to let you guys know that Biting Liam was finished November 6th (those who’ve seen my twitter know this) and I feel really happy about how it turned out :) I’ve also had a chat with my publisher and we are on the same page about getting The Link that Binds and the rest of the books out without too much distance between them. I should have an approximate date for The Link that Binds soon and will post again when I have that.

In the meantime I’ll keep working on and plotting on Solomon’s Pride, book 6 and on some of my other books.

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Minor updates + twitter-treat

Hey guys, I figured it was time I checked in with you guys and tell you what’s going on.

I still don’t have a date for The Link that Binds yet, but we are well into the editing process, getting everything smooth and improved. As I’ve mentioned previously, The Link that Binds is the most changed republish of Solomon’s Pride. Though still true to the original main story arch, there are some big changes in the first quarter/first half of the book.

Other news, I am getting close to finishing up book number five :D

I am currently in the final stages of writing Biting LiamĀ  and I am feeling really good about it ^_^

I do have a list of some stuff to look out for when I read through it after, still having some minor holes to patch up here and there (though most of it is enhancing the scene around them and making sure the mood is properly set and built up to in the story)

So yay!

Other news – I am now on Twitter!

This will be a good place for me to put out minor updates and thoughts about my writing.

You can see my most recent tweets on the right side of my blog and if you look closely you’ll see I just posted a little treat from Biting Liam ;)


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Blood of a Leo – available now ^_^

Sorry for the late update, but I can proudly tell you guys that the extended and improved Blood of a Leo has now been released. Enjoy the read ;)

Follow this link to the book’s page at R&P

Blood of a Leo


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Release date – Blood of a Leo

A little birdie told me that Blood of a Leo might just come out this Friday. So cross your fingers ;)


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