Cover Reveal German edition

Hey guys 😀 You must be wondering what I’ve been doing lately, or not. I am working on my thesis for my masters and finishing up a short story for the Flint charity anthologies. Biting Liam, the completely new Solomon’s Pride book, is being proofread as we speak and is due for publication some time in November if all goes well. I’m also doing a bit of proofreading for a friend of mine. I am enjoying every bit, but I am pretty booked 😛

Today though, I wanted to share with you the cover for the German translation of my very first published story: When Blood Beckons ❤ The German version will be out around November 17th. (Oh and yes, eventually Solomon’s Pride will be translated as well)

When Blood Beckons


Release day: Keeping Zane (Solomon’s Pride, book 4)

Finally! The fourth book in Solomon’s Pride is back in the game. This second edition is the last re-publish of the series, which means that the next one is a brand new story 😉 Biting Liam (if everything goes according to plan) will be out this November (mind you, this is the same month I am turning in my master’s thesis, so if I get delayed, you’ll know why – but I aim for things to go smoothly)

Get your copy of Keeping Zane now, the special price only lasts this weekend, before it gets bumped up to my standard. Buy here and enjoy the read.


book 4

Cover Reveal: Biting Liam (Solomon’s Pride, book 5)

I had planned on waiting till after the release of Keeping Zane (which will happen later this month) to share this, but… why wait. I present to you the cover for Biting Liam (Solomon’s Pride, book 5)

Ground road crossing old deciduous forest with beams of light

The book’s expected release date is set for the end of November and I’m really looking forward to getting past the re-publishing stage and finally publish an entirely new story to my Solomon’s Pride series (besides my free and steamy, short story posted here on my blog)

I love this cover and I hope you do to!

What’s up? :)

Just wanted to give a little update on things. Keeping Zane is now ready for Proofreading and I am lucky enough to have some people helping me out with that. The release date is set for August, but I have yet to decide on an exact date. Though I estimate the book being available for pre-order 1-2 weeks before the actual release – With a nice little pre-order discount 😉 The release will depend upon how long the proofreading process takes and how long it takes to update the book.

Expect the book to be released in the later half of August though.

Other news – There will soon be a new page on my blog for some freebie stories I’ll be posting here. The stories will be available a week early for my Patreon supporters before I post them here.

The first short story features Jace and Link. Additional stories will be posted inbetween future releases.

Publication day! Yes, you read right.

After lots of hard work I have now finally published my first self-published work, namely Heart of Dame (Solomon’s Pride, book 3) on amazon. I wanted to have it out by the end of May, which I did apparently, but as it took some time getting it ready I decided to skip the whole pre-order phase.

I’m very much in a happy place now ^_^ and my plans going forward is as follows: Write thesis, prepare Keeping Zane (Solomon’s Pride, book 4) for August publication, post first free short story (short stories of the Pride) sometime in the first half of July (Patreon supporters of 3$ and more get to read it a week early), pray for sunshine this summer, and do some proofreading for a friend of mine.

You can buy Heart of Dame here


Oh, and also, if any of you comes across my books being pirated, please make whoever responsible aware that I am a living, breathing person living under a ton of student-loans

New cover + a little bit of info

Figured this was a good time for a little update. First of all, in case you forgot how the cover by Winterheart Design for Heart of Dame looks like, here you go:


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

If everything goes according to plan this will be released on May 30th and I will make a new post as soon as it is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Now, second of all 🙂 I am happy to reveal the cover for Keeping Zane. This was designed by a friend of mine who is a freelance artist and a big fan of the Solomon’s Pride series. This one is scheduled for release in August.



After thinking about it for a long time, I finally decided to go ahead and get a patreon account. It feels a bit weird, though I also feel excited and hope that this will lead me one step closer to my dreams of one day becoming a full-time writer.

So if you want to, you can now help support my writing on Patreon

Lots of news :)

First thing first, I have not abandoned the whole podcasting thing. Just pausing a little bit. I had recorded a second episode, but before I finished editing, a lot of things happened that sort of conflicted with the second episode. So I will be re-recorded it with some changes. Good changes, but I won’t make you wait for that to be recorded and edited before letting you know what’s up.

As I’ve mentioned, the problems with “The Link that Binds” are finally behind us and is available for purchase on Amazon. I have, however, talked with my publishers regarding my Solomon’s Pride books and I will be self-publishing the remaining books in the series. I still haven’t written the sixth and final book of Solomon’s Pride, but two republishes and one new story is ready for publishing pending some editing. I won’t publish them all at once because I don’t want the release of book six to be too far away from the rest of them and for now I have no idea when that will be completed. This is a busy year for me working on my thesis to get my Master’s degree, but I will start writing the final Solomon’s Pride book after I finish The Hunting Party. On my coming soon page I have listed the almost ready books with the tentative release dates (months) for May, August and November and hopefully It won’t be too far out in 2018 before I can get book six out. Still, to bridge the waiting gaps I am planning a series of short free-reads between the releases that will be posted on my blog, revisiting characters from the series, but the first one won’t be out till after the release of Heart of Dame.

Another bonus is that after finishing Solomon’s Pride I will also write a kind of Beyond Solomon’s Pride series consisting of three stand alone stories featuring some of the minor characters featured in the original series:

  1. Saber (The Alpha wolf of the pack that helps the Pride)
  2. Lee (Saber’s Beta – The half kitsune, half wolf with a forked tongue)
  3. Kyle (Link’s son, Jace’s step-son)

The free-reads will continue inbetween these books and after that I’m hoping to continue doing small freebies with characters from my other works.