Now available for pre-order: Duke – Taught by his mate

The second book of my Pack Leaders series is now available for pre-order at Bookstrand😀

Just follow the link to order it:)

The official release date is set for June 6th, which means it’s less than two weeks away!


Other news:

The third book of the story has been submitted and there has also been some movement regarding my Solomon’s Pride books. I don’t have a date yet for the re-release of the Link that Binds (Or a cover😛 ) but things are moving so hopefully I’ll find out soon and rest assured, I will let you know when I do:)

Until then, I’m going to work on the fourth and final Pack Leaders book, because Harley needs some love too ^_^

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Cliffhanger/Loose threads warnings anyone?

I’ve been thinking this is something I should start doing. A lot of the things I write, especially the series, even though each book have their own couple, tend to have a sort of ‘to be continued’ type of end. I’ve seen this quite a few times when someone explains giving me a low score and I get it. It’s nothing new, but then I do my stories my way😉

So for those it may concern – My Pack Leaders series will consist of four books – the first one was just published, the second is in editing and I’m close to submitting the third book and I am looking forward to properly start on the fourth one by the end of the month.

In this series there is a big story arch that covers all four books and smaller  arches for each individual book, at least in the beginning, the further into the story you get it becomes more and more about the big arch. – SO if you really hate waiting on loose ends, you probably should wait till all four books are out to read them (Though I do recommend pre-ordering because of the discount.) Luckily the books are coming, so you won’t be waiting long. It just comes out one book at a time.

Some good news though for the loose end dislikers. I have several items on my WIP page that won’t cause you any distress😉

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m not yet sure what my next project will be after Pack Leaders. However I’ve been having several new ideas lately and I can pretty much guarantee that the next book will be a book you can pick up, read and not wait for a continuation (so that people won’t be bothered by red herrings, which aren’t really red herrings because they’re part of the big plot). This works out great for me as well as I have so many ideas and by writing books like these, I can jump a bit back and forth between series and if a new storyline fitting within those series pop up I can just jump in without the preassure of ‘finishing’ the storyline from the previous book.

Now then, I have other work to do. I keep getting distracted😛 *scolds self*

Please let me know if these ‘Loose ends-‘ or ‘Cliffhanger warnings’ is something you’d like for me to keep doing:)

Wish you all the best:)






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Release Day: Bailey – Bending the rules

Just wanted to let you know, Pack Leaders book 1 is now available for purchase😀

Follow the link here.

For you kindle-users remember you should choose the Mobi (prc) version when you download.

I hope you all enjoy the read😀


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So I figured I would add a post on where I’m at with things at the moment.

The Pack Leaders series is going great. The first one is coming out this Thursday (May 5th) and the second is scheduled for the beginning of June. I’m also near completion of the 3rd book in the series, I’ll probably submit next weekend.

I love these books and though they are shorter than some of my other books, I think people will enjoy them. Also shorter books, means I finish them quicker as well and that does help keep my motivation going.

This May though, I will be super-buzy with other things so the writing has to be put on hold for the most of the month. I probably shouldn’t even prioritize finishing up the 3rd Pack Leaders book, but I’m just so close that I know I won’t be able to help myself. I will however take some time to go through edits for the 2nd book though when it arrives. Of course, I’ll also take time to update my blog and/or Twitter if something comes up.

Those of you who follow my WIP (work in progress) section on my blog will see there have been some changes. I’ve removed the titles that won’t be prioritized (including previously published works that I probably won’t be in any rush to have re-released. Note: this does not mean Solomon’s Pride.) and I’ve added some new titles to the page as well.

Things are moving, but very slowly, at Rooster and Pig. I have no idea when the rest of my Solomon’s Pride books will be out. Currently, there is only one person working to keep everything moving, so I hope she doesn’t run into any more obstacles. It’s a big job after all so extra obstacles are just the universe being mean.

I try not to think about it too much because obviously I want them published. Three more books are waiting to be re-released and then there is Biting Liam, the new story that is just killing me that I won’t get to share with you all until book 2, 3 and 4 get released.

It’s gonna take time *deep, calming breath* and I can only believe it will work itself out. I haven’t lost faith. And as long as I’m writing and getting other works published, I can handle the pause. It’s unlikely I’ll resume writing on the 6th and final Solomon’s Pride book until I see things moving along with the other books in the series though. However, sometimes plot happens and I do take notes when that happens😉

So my writing plan is this:

First of all, finish book 3 of Pack Leaders and then go straigt on to book 4 (I just can’t wait to write this couple. Heck, I’ve already started.) – That completes that serie, though I wouldn’t rule out the odd tiny story about some of them around Christmas, being posted to my blog. Who knows😉 haven’t quite decided yet, I just think it might be somthing I’d like to do.

After Pack Leaders I’m not quite sure what I’ll get to next. I have several options I’d like to get to. Probably a stand alone. ‘Coming home’ is just this supersweet and sexy little story that just makes me happy to think about. This one is probably gonna be about the same length as one of the Pack Leaders books. Then there is ‘The Beast’s Mate’ which will be longer. It’s a darker story, but I love the plot I’ve outlined for it and the darkness just makes it that much better in my opinion. Then there is ‘The Hunting Party’ which I really should get to. It was actually the story I first started working on when I seriously started writing in this genre, but then ‘When blood beckons’ popped into my head and I knew that was a great way to see if people liked my type of writing. And then ‘Blood of a Leo’ came along. It just got pushed back which is a little ridicoulous considering I’m already halfway through it and I love the story. It’s the first of 3 books in that series and I have the plot for all three of them! And then there’s a new series I’ve planned called ‘An invitation.’ this is a series where you won’t have to read them in order to get the story, because the couples aren’t personally linked to each other in a significant manner. This also means I have no idea how many books it will end up with since I can pretty much just write for as long as I want. I currently have the idea for three of them though.

So, now that I have listed almost everything on my WIP section, I hope I haven’t left you feeling too confused. I think I just might write down ‘Coming Home’ ‘The Beast’s mate’ and ‘The Hunting Party’ on individual pieces of paper, throw them in a hat and pull one out.



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Now available for pre-order: Bailey – Bending the rules

You can now pre-order the first Pack Leaders book! Just follow the link

Also note that the new release date for the book is May 5th! and don’t forget to check out the previous post showing the new cover for Duke – Taught by his mate



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Cover: Duke – Taught by his mate

Here it is:) the cover for Pack Leaders, book 2


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Duke – Taught by his mate

So I can now happily announce that the contract for Pack Leaders #2 is signed and I’ve even finished and submitted the cover questionnaire for the new book. The projected release is set for June, but I don’t have the specific date yet.

‘Bailey – Bending the rules’ is currently set for May 11th and I am currently going through the edits for the first book. As well as I’m continuing my work on the third book, which is Cody’s story. My fingers are itching to get to Harley’s story too though:)

I hope to finish up Cody’s story this month and if I’m lucky, maybe the fourth one next month, but May is gonna be busy busy, so we’ll see.

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