Some Tips That Works For Me ;)

For anyone who aspires to write, here are some tips I think may help:

1) Get yourself a little black book that you bring with you always, a simple notepad works too, and bring a pen… there’s no way to know when greatness will strike… and trust me, if you think of something incredible and then forget it, because you forgot the little black book… it’s hard to forgive yourself 😦   but don’t fret, it might just come back to you 😀

2) It is okay to write on several pieces at once, just remember to revisit them or you’ll never get anything done.

3) Daydream a little, be the bystander to your own text and let your fantasy write it for you… I do it on a daily basis 😀

4) Greatness takes time and you’ll probably have to start out small 🙂 remember there are several places where you can post your work and get feedback… but keep the masterpieces for later, because you can’t always use the same work twice.

These are a few tips for anyone writing, hopefully they’ll help… you as well as me 😉


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