Solomon’s Pride

SO…. regarding my story of Maddox and Leo, book #1 of the formerly UN-named serie, will now be book #1 of the “Solomon’s Pride” series. I’ve been considering what I wanted to call the serie, and while this didn’t come like a flash of lightning like the book title (Blood of a Leo) I thought to keep it simple.

Solomon is the Sorena (leader) of the Pride featured in these stories and his story will also be the last out of the six books in the serie and I therefor felt the series name worked well with everything ending with Sol’s story.

I haven’t gotten around to writing as much as I hoped this summer, but I am still hopefull that I’ll get this ready at least by the end of August. For now I have approx 17.000 words, so at least I’m halfway there, if not more. It’s dificult to say how long a story of mine gets, because in the end it’s all about writing the story until it is complete.


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