Blood of a Leo

The more I write, the longer I want to make it. Initially I figured I’d just write it around 25k to 30k words, which seemed reasonable seeing as it is a Six book serie, but I really got into it and if I’m able to, I want to to get it to 40k, which I believe is perfectly doable 🙂

All in all I just feel the story is so good that it deserves a little lenght, I love my characters and my storyline and I hope I’ll get as infatuated with my other stories, I have the general synopsis for all of the other books of the Solomon’s Pride series and I don’t think it will be too hard to delve into the stories, just as I have Blood of a Leo 🙂

Unfortunately, a longer book, means it will take longer to complete it; with over 21k words, I am… as I may have mentioned earlier… halfway there and with school starting up soon… well, all I can do is my best, but when it’s done, I hope you’ll be as thrilled as me about it 😀


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