New Project

Yes I know I have a lot of projects going and I promise, all in good time 🙂 Still I’ve had this idea for a book for quite some time now and I couldn’t resist starting to write it. I’m not going to say much, but will give you a little blurb of the story

Ensnared (Title may be changed):

As a warrior of the Liusaidh, Gar is a protector of the human race, hunting the demons that prey on them. The warriors are fierce and powerful and for them to mate so must their chosen also be, making a true mating few and far apart. This has never bothered Gar, not until his eyes settle on the fragile body of a shy human waiter by the name of Lawrence.

Lawrence is the exact opposite of Gar. A human, Lawrence has never gotten over his abandonment issues after one after another his family members abandoned him. He’s never had anything of his own and in truth, he’s never wanted anything, in fear of being left behind again. But when his eyes meet those of the strong, confident Gar, Lawrence cannot get the man out of his mind. Certain that the man will reject him, Lawrence decides that there is only one thing he can do to keep the powerful male by his side…



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