Blurb for “Blood of a Leo”

Some of you have requested a little insight to what my new serie is about, so I’m putting out the blurb for the first book 🙂


Leo Adams was kidnapped and forced to serve as an unwilling blood donor for a coalition of vampires. One day, he manages to escape it…and came flying straight into the arms of lion-shifter Maddox.

Maddox who is part of a pride of other feline shifters that are working against the vampires, is unsure of what has fallen into his arms, but he knows one thing. He will fight to the death to keep Leo safe.


2 thoughts on “Blurb for “Blood of a Leo”

  1. Okay. I am officially hooked and the release date for “Blood of a Leo” is on my calander. Would you consider and posting an excert? Pretty please….

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