Teaser (Blood of a Leo)

Here’s a little teaser from my upcoming book ^^ hopefully it’ll wreck havoc on your waiting days 😛 but don’t worry, January 22nd is just around the corner


When he stopped to rest, Leo felt as if his head was going to explode. Everything was fuzzy and he was followed by a coppery scent he realized came from a flesh wound in his shoulder, probably made by a stray bullet…. When had that happened?

Buzzing reached his ears as Leo reached the corner of an alley, two men were arguing, correction, two huge men were arguing. For a second, Leo wondered if the drugs he’d been given was playing tricks with his mind, making him see double. The two men looked exactly the same, both were well over six feet tall and weighed two hundred pounds at the least. And despite the bulky leather jackets, Leo doubted they had any fat on their bodies. Their hair was the same too, shining gold in the light from a street lamp.

Whatever they were arguing about, it couldn’t be good, Leo decided he’d had enough of guys like that. Who knew, they might even be some of Mika’s goons, they sure dressed alike.

Backing away, Leo bumped into something and two identical faces locked on him. Hurrying up, Leo tried to run, but his feet didn’t seem to be working properly.

He heard a strange buzzing sound coming at him from behind, but he couldn’t make out the words. When a strong arm wrapped around his waist from behind and turned him, Leo collapsed in his arms. He was too tired to struggle against the man who held him. Leo felt his eyes roll back in to his head as his body started convulsing.

With the little consciousness he had left, Leo felt some meager sense of relief. At least if the drugs killed him, he wouldn’t have to return to being a blood bag.


One thought on “Teaser (Blood of a Leo)

  1. Mission accomplished. After reading the teaser I really want this book. OMG! all the upcoming books are going to be so good…

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