Teaser for The Link That Binds (Solomon’s Pride #2)

Hi everyone ^^

I’m still working on the second book of Solomon’s Pride and I know a lot of you are waiting to see what the next one will bring. So to make matters worse, I’m gonna give you a little tidbit from the story to sate or increase your hunger. Enjoy ^^ (may be some alterations though for the release)


Jace was so not fond of the colorful waves that washed over him as he woke and ended up having to roll over to his side as a surge of nausea consumed him, “Oh, that’s not good,” he muttered as his stomach started cramping, threatening to lose its content. At least if he did it wasn’t like he had that much to lose with the crappy servings the vamps got him whenever they were feeling generous… which wasn’t often.

“Here, try drinking this,” Casey held the bottle up to Jace’s mouth.

Taking a sip, he groaned as the liquid swirled in his stomach. Looking around, somebody seemed to be missing, “Where is mein fürer?” Jace asked, “Off burying a bone in the backyard or something?”

Casey sighed in an irritated manner, “Could you stop doing that? Zane’s my mate and I’d appreciate it if you would knock it off already.”

“You sure you wouldn’t rather be with a real man, one who doesn’t lick his chops every chance he gets?” Jace smirked at the beautiful male in front of him. And Casey sure was a beauty, plus that magic vibe of his was simply tantalizing.

“Sorry Jace, I’m strictly a dog person,” Casey snapped, not that Jace could blame him. For those who didn’t know him, he could come off as a bit tiresome… of course the ones who did know him also had a tendency to be annoyed with him whenever he was being a, quote, smartass.

“Ouch,” Jace smirked, “but hey, if you ever change your mind…” he wiggled his eyebrows.

“Then it’ll be your bones I’ll be burying in the backyard,” a growl sounded as Zane was brought back into the room by his armed escort that really did appear small in comparison to the oversized pup.

The werewolf was sporting quite a few fresh bruises and Casey was quick to help him sit down, fussing over his wounds, “What did Mika do to you?” he asked his mate as he started to clean his mate’s fast healing wounds, trying to keep them clear of infection… not that shifters in general were prone to any kind of diseases, let alone infections, but it seemed to calm Casey to have a hand in handling them.

“It’s fine baby,” the wolf wrapped his arms around Casey and pulled him close and onto his lap, kissing his temple to let him know he was okay.

“Pfft,” Jace snorted, “dude, you look as bad as I feel… and right now, that’s saying something,”

Zane glared at him and barked, “Aren’t they trading you off soon?”

“Oh, you know Mika can’t make any decisions about that in his current state… I’ve seen him and he’s going through some pretty hefty withdrawals,” Jace sighed, “I’m guessing his biggest decisions now involves if he should wipe his ass or not after taking a dump,”

Jace was irritated with the whole damn situation, his incarceration in the lovely den, as the former asylum was so adorably called, was soon becoming way too boring for Jace’s liking. And it still really got to him that he’d gotten himself caught… again.

“He’s been throwing off donors too; the last one was pretty badly beaten. Zeke’s got him under his protection as he heals, but I doubt the kid will ever be the same… Mika’s been tripping something fierce since Leo got away,” Zane informed him.

“Yeah, no kidding,” Jace agreed, “it’s surprising really how soon Leo was able to warm up to Maddox if you think about it,” he reflected as he thought back to the beaten, bruised little guy that the lion-shifter had brought in off the streets. Having been kidnapped and used as Mika’s personal feeding bag, the kid had been more skittish than a newborn kitten… except when it came to Maddox, “So, whose this Zeke guy anyway?” Jace asked.

“My brother,” Zane replied as he let his arm caress his mate’s side and took in Casey’s scent, who was still trying to clean his mate’s wounds, trying to help them heal with little sparks of magic.

“He’s an Alpha,” Casey added when he gave up the healing spell, “Zane used to be his beta before the vampires…” he let slip before going silent.

“It’s okay baby,” Zane told him before directing his attention to Jace, “we were a small, but strong pack who happened to be situated on a piece of land that the vampires wanted, some of our pack-mates were killed, but a lot of them, like Zeke and me, are being kept here as man-power,”

“That sucks man, I’m sorry,” Jace said, meaning every word of it, pack or pride… family was family, “If you ever get out of here, I can pretty much guarantee that you have the support of our pride… Solomon’s pretty noble that way… takes in the little guy,” he chuckled; he’d once been one of those little guys.

“Solomon your Alpha then?” Zane asked.

“Yep, ‘cept we don’t call our leader Alpha… that’s a doggy thing, Solomon is Sorena… roughly translated it means something along the lines of tribal leader,” Jace clarified.

The conversation didn’t go much longer when a red-eyed Mika burst through the door along with the sleazy Shamus and some other dumbass with a gun. Jace was surprised though at the absence of Christa, a high-class psycho that kept bouncing around Mika like a bitch in heat.

“Get up kitty cat, we’re going for a little trip,” the leader vampire sneered.

Jace huffed as another wave of nausea hit him when he got up, with a little help from Shamus who decided to give him a helping hand when he took too long and yanked Jace off the ground and shoved him out the door. Pissed off, Jace hissed at the pathetic vamp, even letting his nails sharpen, but Mika instantly had a gun at his jugular and Jace was more than a little aware of the shakes of the vampire’s hand… a tripping vamp was definitely not a reliable vamp, particularly when his finger was placed on a goddamned trigger.

“Why don’t you try something kitty, see how far it gets you,” Mika threatened, clearly not in the mood for any funny business.

Jace backed off, but glared at Shamus as he was pushed forward through the dark and dank hallways, “Where are we going anyways? You decided to make good on your promise to make me into a rug?”

“I have a little project going and you’re gonna help me,” Mika chuckled.

“You gonna try for another trade, didn’t exactly get you anywhere the last time now did it?” Jace snorted, “Besides you know Maddox will never let Leo out of his sight again,”

“It’s not Leo we’re after this time,” Shamus let out before being smacked over the head by Mika.

“Bite it, Shamus,” Mika warned.

“Well, that’s interesting,” Jace muttered, seemed his Pride had gotten hold of somebody important… nice; maybe he wouldn’t have to spend his remaining days at leach-a-palooza.

“You won’t be reuniting with your friends just yet doctor,” Mika said as he shoved him into his limo, “first, you’re going to help me with a little something, whether you agree to it or not.”


16 thoughts on “Teaser for The Link That Binds (Solomon’s Pride #2)

  1. Ooooh, this sounds awesome…
    Can’t wait to read what’ll happen next 🙂
    I’m currently reading the first one of Solomon’s Pride and don’t exactly know what happened, but you made me really curious 😉
    And btw, I don’t want to sound like a know-it-all, but I’m German and you made a mistake in the phrase “mein Führer” (you forgot the h). Just wanted to help you :/

  2. I just want to say, I can’t wait. Blood of Leo was very good and now you have me on the edge of my seat waiting grrrrr. Keep up the good work and keep the good books coming.

  3. Just finished Blood of a Leo and came straight here to check for a followup..and found this..wow loved jace in blood of a leo..cant wait for the blurb..ooohh soo excited now…lol…

  4. Can’t wait for this book. Loved Blood of Leo. I just finished and had to see what else you have written. I just found a new author. Keep them coming. I’ ll keep buying

  5. oh I hope this book isn’t far away, I’ve read and re-read Blood of a Leo so many times now, I soo NEED this one lol.

  6. I just finished Blood of Leo last night and am dying to read more. This teaser definitely didn’t help. 😀 But it sounds great. I loved Blood of Leo. It was intense and sweet and hawt!

  7. Solomon’s Pride 1 was wonderful but I think 2 is going to be on point. I LOVE Jace. His is spunky, arrogant and complex. This will be exciting. I can’t wait for this one to his the shelf.

  8. I have just read the teaser for The Link that binds now can’t wait for it to come out I have been wondering what happens with Jace,Casey and Zane please tell it wil be coming out soon.

  9. Yes!! Just finished re-reading Blood of a Leo for the second time. Liked it so much. Can’t wait for this next one – it sounds even better. Keep on writing, Dawn – I’ll keep on reading. Many thanks

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