What’s up?

There isn’t much going on these days, mainly because I’ve started cracking the books for my exams, but I’m sneeking in little bits of scribbles inbetween.

Yay-fact though… Blood of a Leo is sent to production and is awaiting a final print proof, after that’s done it’s in the print queue.

So basically I have no idea when it will be released in PRINT 😀

… BUT progress (hence the yay) So remember to buy it from Silver when it get’s out ^^

I’ve also started some pre-edits for The Link That Binds and I’m infrequently scribbling on book #3 of the Solomon’s Pride series (I’m kind of loving Damian’s mate ^^)

Also, I got this around the same time I got the cover for Blood of a Leo, but just never seemed to get it out and about

Behold, the awesomeness of Reese Dante ^^



One thought on “What’s up?

  1. I loved the book, Blood of Leo. Can’t wait for the next one of the series to come out. I love shifers books, any kind they are really great. I will continue to buy any books you write. TU Athena Aubrey for your writing, gaubrey@roadrunner.com

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