Happy New Year! Surprise Excerpt anyone?

To celebrate that 2011 will soon become 2012, I’m giving out an excerpt from the book I’m currently working on. So far the scheduled release for Ensnared is April 7th, 2012 😉 I hope you enjoy.


There he was again.

The muscle bound stranger that seemed to star in every one of Evan’s wet dreams lately. He hadn’t made contact with the guy, even if he could have sworn he’d felt the guy’s eyes on him whenever Evan’s back was turned. Though that was just Evan’s imagination, because he never saw him look at him or turn from him whenever Evan turned to check.

In his dreams, the man had pushed him up against all kinds of surfaces and tortured Evan’s body with his own, making Evan cry out in utter bliss. Evan had literally stopped wearing underwear in bed entirely now and instead brought with him a towel with all the orgasmic accidents he’d been having.

His dreams were kind of messed up too and his lover had killed people in his dreams, disfigured people who’d tried to hurt them. He hadn’t much liked those parts of his dreams. The guys trying to force their way to tear him to shreds; he didn’t much mind it when the beasts were killed and that scared him too, even if they were trying to harm him.

Still, Evan knew what it meant. It was just a mess cooked up in his mind from the godly figure he’d seen at work and probably some horror movie he’d forgotten to turn off when going to bed. Evan wanted someone to look out for him, to want him and protect him, from monsters apparently, and this guy seemed to fit the part perfectly in every way. Yet the possibility of that actually happening wasn’t great or even considered a blimp on a worldwide radar.

The few relationships Evan had been in hadn’t exactly been something to write home about. It was always the same. Some guy would treat him right… for awhile and before he even knew what hit him he’d find himself being used, like some random 2 dollar whore where if he could leave without bruises would be considered a good break up.

He’d just imagined that the guy watched him, at least in that way. Guys like him didn’t go after guys like Evan, not unless they were looking for a punching bag and Evan honestly didn’t think he was that kind of guy. He just didn’t have that vibe.

Mr. Tall, dark and handsome oozed of strength and power and confidence, even from across the room. He had scars covering most of the left side of his face, but to Evan he’d never seen anyone so handsome… so beautiful… sexy.

Maybe it would be enough to have a loving man in his dreams. Someone strong and protective, even possessive. He definitely didn’t have need for a normal person anymore, not when his wet dreams made him come like no real man ever had. Besides, normal was overrated, at least from Evan’s experience.

Darling, one of the waitresses, pushed past him in a hurry and made Evan bump into the table next to him, tipping a glass of scotch in the process. Soaking his customer.

“You idiot!” the man swore as he jumped up, away from the spill and Evan cringed.

“I’m s-sorry…” he stuttered as he immediately started to clean up the mess. The guy however didn’t seem to think a mere apology would be enough for him to ease up.

Grabbing him by the collar of his shirt, Evan found himself pushed up against the bar. The guy twisted his shirt so that he could barely breathe and snarled in his face.

“You sad little freak, you think you can do whatever you want, huh?”

Evan blanched, it hadn’t even been his fault. Not that that seemed to matter. Darling herself sauntered back to them and onto the lap of the offended party’s best buddy, having a real good time enjoying the show.

“I asked you a question freak!” he snarled again and Evan couldn’t help noticing his breathe smelled kind of rotten. Evan wouldn’t be surprised if he was the kind of man who’d chewed tobacco all his life and forgotten to floss.

Evan didn’t know what to do; he hadn’t enough oxygen left in his lungs to answer him, which also made taking a deep breath out of the question. At least he didn’t have to smell the man’s halitosis anymore. He tried getting the man’s grip off his shirt, but it wasn’t like a little guy like Evan could fight a guy well over 200 lbs.

“Let the kid be,” a gravelly voice sounded, just as Evan feared he’d pass out.

Dropping to the ground when the pressure on his throat was lifted, he gulped in big mouthfuls of air, thankful he could breathe again.

“And what’s it to you?” Even heard the guy who’d been chocking him ask.

The only reply was in the form of said guy taking a plunge to the floor, and not making a move to get back up again.

Evan would have thought he was dead if the man hadn’t let out a pathetic moan of pain when he got pushed to the side by a huge army boot.

When a large hand was stretched out before him, Evan blinked.

“Are you all right?” the gravelly voice sounded again.

Looking up, Evan saw the chiseled features of his savior’s face. The features of his savior’s scarred face. The ridges in his face almost looked as if they’d been made by claws or a really vicious gardening tool.

“Hi,” Evan managed to squeak out, not really knowing what to say. He wished he’d come up with something better, or at least something more besides that one-word, pathetic greeting.

“Hey,” the man said back, one side of his lips quirking up a bit in a devastating half-smile, slightly corrupted by his scar.

As Evan failed to do anything other than stare at the man, he grabbed hold of Evan’s hand and helped him up. Or rather, lifted him up like he weighed nothing. Even standing, the guy was almost a foot taller than him, which would make him close to 6 foot 7 and Evan estimated it would probably take three or four Evans’ to make up just one of this guy. He was even more massive now when he wasn’t on the other end of the room, which made sense of course, but still struck Evan as he took in as much of the man’s features as he could.

“Gar, we need to head out. Shia called,” Another man that apparently had been standing right behind his savior said


“Give me a sec Devlin, I’ll meet you out back,”

Gar’s face had hardened by the time he looked back at him and Evan immediately missed the glimmer of amusement he’d seen, even if it had probably been directed at him for acting like a love-struck fool.

“Stay out of trouble,” Gar pretty much ordered him.

Evan just nodded and suddenly the man was gone out the door.



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