Biting Liam: Prologue

So I know I’ve been slow with the fifth instalment of the Solomon’s Pride series. I’ve been super busy lately and I’ve had to put the book on the back burner for a bit, but things should start picking up soon. Since it’s been awhile since I’ve published anything for you guys, here is the prologue for Brass and Liam’s story taking place between the two first books of Solomon’s Pride.


When Harry met Sally


Brass groaned as he felt the throbbing in his head. He knew Mika’s stupid infatuation with that kid was going to end badly. He hadn’t thought it was his head that was going to get cracked open though. Honestly, he felt embarrassed to have been taken down like that. He was supposed to be too good for something like that.

He’d shot at a Triferus shifted feline and regrettably he’d missed and ended up with the gun kicked out of his hands. Not that it had mattered much; he’d taken his knife instead and stabbed him. Then Leo had hit him over the head with a crowbar and that was distracting enough. The shifter took Leo’s place just as Brass was going to smash his head in. The then knocked out shifter had pinned Leo to the ground, but Brass didn’t have a chance to do anything about it before something heavy had knocked him over. The last thing he remembered was his face hitting the concrete.

Moving wasn’t much of an option Brass quickly discovered as soon as he tried to move his arms. The tightening of chains echoed through the room. Biting back the sting of his headache, Brass opened his eyes and was momentarily blinded by the single lit up light-bulb suspended above him. He was chained to a metal chair that appeared bolted to the floor judging by the immobility as Brass again tried to shake loose.

The light was messing with his eyes so they couldn’t adjust properly and take in his surroundings. Total darkness would have been preferable. What little he did see told him he was in some sort of a basement. He wondered how long they would keep him there. He imagined they wanted information, but Brass wasn’t one to squeal and eventually they would tire of him and finish him off. He was pissed that his life would end because of Mika’s stupidity.

Brass had warned him to just let it go, but of course not, that would be using common sense. Something the head of the vampire compound was using less and less.

“Are you just going to stare at me or are you going to start the information retrieval?” Brass asked into the room. He could just barely see the outline of someone standing in the shadows to his left. “That is what you are here for I believe, unless you’re just a gawker.”

It annoyed him when the man didn’t answer him.

Why people always decided to take their time in these situations… Brass shook his head. Did they expect him to become a nervous wreck? He chose to ignore the way the hair on the back of his neck rose.

He took another breath to throw some more words at the silent shifter, but the words got caught in his throat.

Well that’s unsettling.

Brass inhaled the air around him once again. Something in the air shot through him… made him quiver just the slightest and not in a particularly unwelcomed manner. His observer smelled like nature, earthy and musky… and exotic. Brass had never prided himself in being anything close to an outdoorsy kind of person, but if the outdoors smelled like this… he might just be tempted to take up hiking.

The dark and rather large outline of a man shifted and Brass snapped out of his little mind-trip. Something was definitely off.

“Let me see you,” Brass demanded. He didn’t like surprises and he was feeling very uneasy at the moment.

“You almost killed my brother,” a dark rumbling voice accused. The voice seemed angry, but it cracked a bit at the end. Rough-sounding.

“I was doing my job,” Brass stated. He was a vampire; they were shifters. They’d been on opposite sides of a fight. Of course he did his job. One thing Brass did pride himself in was the fact that he was a damn good soldier, even though he did prefer spending his time behind his desk. It could get messy out in the field.

“It’s not your job anymore,” The man told him with a tone set in stone.

“Because you’re going to end my miserable life?” Brass scoffed, though he felt his stomach involuntarily churn at the prospect of his death.

The outline moved again, but this time the man moved into the light and damn if Brass’s cock didn’t twitch at the sight. His mystery keeper was over six feet tall and seemed packed with muscles. He had golden hair that reached down to his broad shoulders. He looked like he hadn’t shaved for a few days, but the stubbles suited him. And the gold eyes staring at him… were downright eerie. He also shared a disturbing resemblance to the Triferus he’d fought.

Brothers… though Brass hadn’t seen the other one in human form, he would bet he looked exactly the same as the one before him. He’d heard that there was a set of lion twins in Jorgen’s pride.

“It’s not your job anymore because you belong here now. Your allegiances have shifted to the pride,” the man told him. His voice didn’t seem nearly as hard this time around, it sounded almost vulnerable.

Brass frowned. He wasn’t quite sure how to read the situation. There were some thoughts messing around in his head, but they seemed so unlikely. He felt undeniably drawn to this man and considering Brass’s age, the fact that his dick had halfway hardened was definitely something to take notice of. Not that he was impotent or anything, but after all the centuries he’d been alive, not too many could hold his interest for very long. He got bored easily.

Brass’s frown deepened when he noticed that the shifter was shaking. A human probably wouldn’t have noticed, but to his vampire eyes he was surprised he hadn’t noticed earlier. He could see the shifter’s hands were clutched into fists so tight that the guy’s knuckles had turned white. It was also then that he noticed the sizable bulge in the shifter’s pants.

His breathing had quickened which told him how much he’d been affected by that. Brass didn’t exactly need to breathe much. He’d gone from half-hard to rock-hard in just the amount of time it had taken for him to register the other man’s arousal.

“Is this a trick?” Brass asked, hating that his voice wasn’t steady.

“Part of me wishes it was,” the man told him, “but mostly I’m just glad that my brother is going to pull through. If he hadn’t…”

“Fuck,” Brass groaned. Yeah, his headache was never going to let up now.


They were fucking mates and his mate was a goody-two-shoes shifter. It was clear that Brass wouldn’t get the man to join him at the compound. Not when there were so many shifters being kept there as slaves and the fact that his new mate was part of the ones trying to shut down the entire operation.

Brass didn’t really have many ties to the place; he’d mostly just liked the stability of the place. He got to do what he liked to do, never had to hunt for food and people knew well enough to leave him alone unless it was absolutely necessary. And he did love his office.

“I refuse to live off animal blood,” Brass told him, “I will not live by gosling down pig’s blood like Damian. I am a vampire, not a fucking bat feasting off livestock.”

He was caught off guard when lips were crushed against his. Warm, moist and desperate lips. Brass gave as good as he got though and the chains protested against the strain as Brass tried to free his arms so that he could take proper control of the kiss.

“You can have my blood,” his mate rumbled as pulled back just far enough for the words to slip out and added with a growl, “only my blood.”

“You’re a shifter,” Brass protested. Part of him wanted nothing more than to sink his teeth into the man and steal sustenance, but everything he’d heard about drinking from shifters…

“So?” his mate seemed unhappy by his reaction.

“Your blood isn’t clean. I’ll need human blood,” Brass explained. He wasn’t entirely sure if he wouldn’t be able to live off of shifter blood, but apparently their crimson tasted downright rancid.

“I’ll talk to Solomon. He may be able to help us come to some sort of an arrangement, but you have to stay the hell away from Leo,” his mate rumbled.

“Agreed,” Brass figured that was the best way to press on for now. “Maybe by the time I get back, you will have found a suitable blood-source for me. If not I can always have some people look into it for me. You’d be surprised how easy it is to find willing blood donors if you know where to look.”

The shifter had paled before him.

“What?” Brass frowned. Hearing all this might be a bit unsettling for his mate, but that was life.

“What do you mean, when you get back? You’re not going anywhere,” his mate sounded almost panicked.

“I have to return to the Compound,” Brass told him. “There are things that need to be set in order. Copies made of important files if you ever hope to put Mika on trial for what has happened there. And evidence from when Kerrigan started it all. And it’s not like Jorgen would turn down the possibility of having eyes and ears on the inside for a few months.”

“I won’t let you,” the shifter growled, “If I bite you now, I’ll go into heat and then you can’t leave.”



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