Some of the changes (Why most pictures are gone)

With parts of Silver Publishing being shut down, all my books with Silver are being removed from their site and will soon be removed from third party vendours. The rights to the books have been returned to me. Not sure how to go about it, but I will be looking to re-publish these books. Either with the new Silver Publishing or another publishing company. I was required to remove the artwork for my books (cover images and banners etc) that was provided by silver and that’s why my blog is looking kind of bleak at the moment.

Honestly, it does kind of suck. Especially since I do love Reese Dante’s work on my Solomon’s Pride series (Thank you so much for the great work you did for my book-covers)

Hopefully I will find a way to get these books out again and continue the Solomon’s Pride series.


10 thoughts on “Some of the changes (Why most pictures are gone)

  1. About a week ago (or more) I bought the 1st three Solomon’s Pride books, through Amazon Kindle. Today I went to buy the 4th and can’t find it. I am so bummed! These are great! Is there a way to be informed when you are publishing them again

    • Well, I will certainly let everyone know on my blog when they will be re-released. I believe that if you sign up for the email subscription you will be notified whenever I post something on my blog.

    • Hopefully I’ll know soon how to go about this with re-publishing them. Glad you like them though πŸ™‚ too bad about the fourth one. Hoping all of this will be resolved

      • Thank you. I am sincerely looking forward to reading more from you… You’re such a talented writer. Good luck getting everything sorted out, I can imagine it is a crazy frustrating experience to have your work and livelihood tied up like this. I hope things work out soon.

      • It’s a bit depressing alright. The problem with republishing might be that publishers won’t want to publish them because they won’t earn as much as they would have if they were new books. Solomon’s Pride is planned to be 6 books, four of which have been previously published. Some places I would need to write more of the series for them to consider giving out the first four.
        So planning this can be tricky. Solomon’s Pride will not be longer than 6 books, but I have planned on a sort of “spinoff” for a stand alone book using one of the side characters from the series (for which I haven’t written anything yet, but have the complete plot outline) and have been playing with the idea of writing a shorter story for Link’s oldest son. (Adding these might be the answer, but will take work)
        Where is a magic wand when you need one πŸ˜›

  2. I’m gutted! I bought the first book of the series for my kindle and I’m hooked and now I can’t get any more of them! Are they available in print or are those being stopped as well?

  3. Dawn, your books inspired me to write my own, and I too went through Silver Publishing. 5 days after it’s release, Silver shut down. So now I too am left with what to do with my book. I hope you find a home for your books, so that they can be continued to be enjoyed.

    • I’m so happy that you found my books inspiring πŸ™‚ especially as I myself have been inspired by other authors before I started having works published. I’m sorry too that what happened to Silver has affected so many great writers. I do believe though that considering that your book had not been released for long, it should make it a little easier to have it re-released with another publisher so don’t give up πŸ™‚ Taking the time to write a book is a wonderful thing and I do hope this experience doesn’t take away your motivation for writing. Though we can all agree that what has happened with Silver sucks as it was such a great place.
      If you have had your rights returned I will urge you to send some inquiries to other publishers (also mentioning that your book had not been for sale for very long)
      So lets keep at it and find a new family for our books πŸ™‚

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