Been awhile – updates and a request

Hey guys, first thing first 🙂 The edits for Blood of a Leo have now been completed and sent in for a final check by the editor in chief, so I’m hoping a definite date for the re-release won’t be far off 🙂 Also really looking forward to getting a look at the new cover. (Yay!)

I’ve signed the contract for book three and am currently going through Keeping Zane before submitting that as well. Main goal this summer: Finish Biting Liam 😉 Hopefully it will be out soon after the re-publish of Keeping Zane 🙂

(Also having minor inspirations regarding Solomon’s book here and there 😉 )

I’m definitely back in the game and that feels great!

I’ve been working really hard and am in a good place now, but googling yourself online can sometimes be sad. Lately my original books have been pirated. If I was a well off person, this might not have bothered me so much, but that isn’t the case. I do hope someday I can live off of my writings, but that is a long way off. For now I write because it makes me happy, but having people throwing around my books just as I am about to have the new and improved versions republished is really demotivating.

I first noticed this person posting my books on one page and I contacted the copyright division for that page, (I would have rather contacted the user him-/herself, bt was unable to do so without joining the page) The books were removed, but now I’ve noticed the same person having posted them again. I can understand people being impatient and wanting to read my books, but please don’t go about it this way. If anyone is on one of these pages, I hope you can give the user cp1969 a link to this post. I have no interest in taking any legal actions, but I want the person responsible to know I do care and don’t want him or her to pirate my books.

Authors are delicate beings and we love our fans. Though some say being pirated is a sign of respect, I feel it is rather heartbreaking.

I hope everything gets cleared up so that I can put my full attention on my work ahead. I love my books and I love creating these worlds, and I plan to keep going for years to come 🙂 and some years after that, and some years after that and so on ^_^



7 thoughts on “Been awhile – updates and a request

  1. So excited about this news but I’m saddened to hear about your piracy issue. Wish you the best and hope the problem is resolved easily and quickly.
    I was wondering, will we see more of the Triferus form in the novels? I had posted a previous questions under the WIP Page, but you were too busy writing. Which I am not complaing lol
    I realy want to 5th and Solomon’s story with *spoiler* (

    I assume ekeZ) 🙂

    Love your books,

    • Going through the fourth one now and quite possibly there will be more Triferus action 😉 (for one thing or the other)
      There will definitely also be Triferus shifts in the two last books as well

    • Also I am happy to tell you I’ve made contact with the one who shared my books and it won’t happen again. When you like something, you want to share, I get that. (I just don’t want it to be on my expense)

      • Glad to hear it. Just wondering, do you know what time frame will Rooster & Pig be releasing your novels? Like 2 months, 3 months, etc. Hope they are close together. 🙂

      • Not quite sure since I haven’t sent in Keeping Zane yet, but the first three are scheduled to be released this year. The edits in general will probably determine how often they are re-published. (I hope they are as close together they can be without it affecting the edits) Not having the gotten the specific dates yet is probably a good thing, in case there are delays – I hate having to post “sorry it’s been delayed”-posts. I’m hoping for a specific date for the release of Blood of a Leo by the end of the week, so hopefully, there will be a new post on my blog soon 🙂

  2. Hi Dawn – happy things are going well and I am sooooo looking forward to reading the revised editions. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have re-read the series. And honestly Link is my fave.

  3. I’m happy to hear that 🙂 I’m especially happy with the revisions for my two first books (Haven’t started with the official edits for The Link that Binds yet, after some rounds with that it will be even better)
    I am also looking forward to enhancing the other books as well through world-building and just making it come more alive ^_^
    I’m super-happy with Blood of a Leo and I want that feeling with all my books, and I’ll put in the work to make sure I do 🙂

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