Cover Art: Blood of a Leo + Now available for Pre-order

It’s finally here ^_^ the cover for Blood of a Leo, just in time for the US To legalize gay marriage throughout 😀 Wonderful!!

Click on the Cover to get to Rooster & Pig, scroll down the first page to find and pre-order the book 😉

Blood of a Leo

Oh, and as an extra added bonus due to the great news for gay marriage, Rooster & Pig have an extra surprise in store for you 😉

Love Wins-1

The coupon will expire July 30th.


3 thoughts on “Cover Art: Blood of a Leo + Now available for Pre-order

  1. Yes!Yes and all this was on my birthday week 🙂 Love the cover and so excited! Just curious will the same guy be used with edited hair color for Biting Liam?
    Also how’s the progress in the other books? I want the new editions as well as read book 5 and the conclusion of the series in book 6 with


    Solomon and Zeke, isn’t it? 😉

    • Liam and Maddox are twins and I do want the same model for Biting Liam.

      I have the plot for Biting Liam finished, and am about halfway through it. I’ve started putting down some plot-points for the final one, but haven’t started writing it yet.

      The Link that Binds and Heart of Dame will be out this year (if everything goes according to plan) a little unsure if Keeping Zane will end up being published this year or at the start of the next, but I’m aiming for Biting Liam to be released not too long after that.

      • Sweet. BTW its been ordered, got the discount preorder price and plus the LoveWins discount!! This is as good as taking pics with guys in their underwear at my birthday dinner :).

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