Release date – Blood of a Leo

A little birdie told me that Blood of a Leo might just come out this Friday. So cross your fingers 😉


8 thoughts on “Release date – Blood of a Leo

    • They’re going 🙂 I’ve sent in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Solomon’s Pride books and will start the editing process for book 2 in the beginning of august. Currently I’m working on Biting Liam and it’s going great, I’ve gone through what I had from before and improved this part and have started writing beyond this 🙂

      • Do you think close to working on the final (solomon’s) book this month?😍 praying that u get time too.

      • Biting Liam will be a long one I think, but I’m currently at my secret writing place 😉 so I will probably get a lot done this week, it’s gonna take longer to finish it, but will write it simultaneously with the editing of book 2 🙂

    • I doubt you’ll regret buying the new one. There are some changes plotwise towards the end, but you’ll also get more background info on some of the characters and the worldbuilding and flow of the book is much better 🙂 keywords for the new release – worldbuilding, background info, flow (oh and in case you missed it, the new release is about 7000 words longer)

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