Blood of a Leo – available now ^_^

Sorry for the late update, but I can proudly tell you guys that the extended and improved Blood of a Leo has now been released. Enjoy the read 😉

Follow this link to the book’s page at R&P

Blood of a Leo


19 thoughts on “Blood of a Leo – available now ^_^

    • That sucks :/ I haven’t heard anything from any others, but I’ll send R&P an e-mail myself about it to see if it can’t be sorted out. Probably been a delay in responding to your e-mail because of the rainbow convention in florida this weekend, I know several of the higher ups were attending.

      • I’ve contacted the publisher and we’re not sure what’s happened. There has been one order that hasn’t been picked up that might be yours and that they’ve tried to send it several times (That person’s initials were J.S) They’ve asked me If you could forward your confirmation order to them that might help and make sure you have the right e-mail address listed and make sure to check you junkmail in case it ended up there. Hope this helps

  1. That was mine but did not get the email until 4:47 today, which is after I left for class. But I have the book now and will let you know once im done as well as right a review on goodreads! 🙂

  2. hi Dawn, I have been trying for a week to get blood of a leo with out success. for some reason I am having trouble buying it from rooster and pig site. do you know when it will be released on amazon? I love this book so much and cannot wait to get this new edition. thanks!! susan

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