Minor updates + twitter-treat

Hey guys, I figured it was time I checked in with you guys and tell you what’s going on.

I still don’t have a date for The Link that Binds yet, but we are well into the editing process, getting everything smooth and improved. As I’ve mentioned previously, The Link that Binds is the most changed republish of Solomon’s Pride. Though still true to the original main story arch, there are some big changes in the first quarter/first half of the book.

Other news, I am getting close to finishing up book number five πŸ˜€

I am currently in the final stages of writing Biting LiamΒ  and I am feeling really good about it ^_^

I do have a list of some stuff to look out for when I read through it after, still having some minor holes to patch up here and there (though most of it is enhancing the scene around them and making sure the mood is properly set and built up to in the story)

So yay!

Other news – I am now on Twitter!

This will be a good place for me to put out minor updates and thoughts about my writing.

You can see my most recent tweets on the right side of my blog and if you look closely you’ll see I just posted a little treat from Biting Liam πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Minor updates + twitter-treat

    • Not quite sure yet, I have already started plotting and have written some bits here and there, but I also want to get started on my pack leaders serie, which I’m planning to send in to siren-bookstrand. It’s a four book serie where I already have the plots for all four. The books will be shorter than the Solomon’s Pride serie (Probably under 30k words each – if I can manage to write that short anymore πŸ˜› ) I’ve already started the first book and will want to work hard on that for awhile, but I definitely won’t put Solomon’s Pride book 6 aside, it just won’t be the main focus right after.

      I’m actually planning to see if I can do something special about the Pack leaders serie – I want to complete all of them and maybe have a Pack leader month where one book is published every week for that month or one a month for four (I will have to discuss this with the publisher, but I think it would be nice to have several published closer together, especially after all the waits πŸ˜› )

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