Update 2016

Hey guys, time for an update.

The last month has been crazy busy. After Christmas/New Years I’ve moved, started on my masters degree, gotten a new part-time job (besides the writing, of course) and I’m still getting my s**t together. But I’m still here! And hopefully things will flow better now. 🙂

First, Rooster and Pig update. I’ve gotten some more information and the edits on my books are a go again – there’s been some back and forth with editors and such due to the amount of books that’s been submitted vs the amount of editors, where some have taken on too much. Of course, the holidays slows everything down, but there have also been some health issues and rearrangement of positions in the company. For the moment they’ve closed the submissions at the company to allow for them to catch up. Won’t be a problem when it comes to series though. If it’s part of a series that R&P have a contract on then submission won’t be a problem, so my Solomon’s Pride books won’t be affected by this. Besides, book 5 has already been submitted and book 6 is still in the plotting stages. I still don’t have a set date, but I expect to have one for you by the end of Febuary. Heart of Dame will go straight into edits after The Link that Binds, so hopefully it will be out not too long after TLTB.

I expect things will go slowly in the beginning at R&P, but as more books get ready for publication things will speed up 🙂 so don’t loose hope.

Secondly, my Pack Leaders stories. I am a bit annoyed with myself for not having finished up Bailey’s story yet. Right now, it’s just a matter of filling in the blanks, because the main story – beginning, middle and end are all in place. Despite the hold-up though, I’ve been struck by plot several times in regards to the other books in this serie, so it’s not like I’ve hit any dead-ends or anything like that. I might have mentioned before that the Pack Leaders serie is gonna be a 4 book serie. They also won’t be as long as the books in my Solomon’s Pride series. Length-wise, somewhere between When Blood Beckons and Sacrifical Lamb. I have the main story-line for all four books so my plotting now is surrounding the main stories.

A little added info on this new series: Obviously – wolfshifters (as packleaders usually have packs 😛 ) The four Alphas in this story, Bailey, Duke, Cody and Harley are all brothers and are running their pack, which they inherited after their father died, together rather than splitting it up. This works out great as they all have their different strengths which allows them to care properly for the pack. I won’t say much more at this point as I don’t want to spoil certain things.

I’ll be sending these books to Siren-Bookstrand as soon as they are finished, one by one and hopefully they will enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them 🙂

I do try to give minor updates and random thoughts on Twitter and you’ll find more information there when it comes to the little things, while bigger things – which tend to be further apart will be published here on my blog.

I want a lot of stories published this year to make up for the big gaps earlier and to get caught up on myself, since these are stories that have been on my mind for a long time. I can’t wait for my new series to be out and I definitely can’t wait for my Solomon’s Pride books to come out 1 by 1 ^_^ I absolutely love Biting Liam and hope you guys will love it too.

2016 – I think it’s gonna be a good one 😉



5 thoughts on “Update 2016

  1. Looking forward to all the books you mentioned coming out Dawn. No hurry though, because we all know how rushed life can be. Just glad to hear everything is still on track for both series!

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