Submission time :)

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you all know that I have now officially submitted the first story of my new Pack Leaders series. There will be four books in total, each one representing one of four Alpha brothers. I’m naming the books after the Alphas and the first brother out is Bailey.

I’ve submitted the story to Siren-Bookstrand, so now all I can do is wait and cross my fingers… And continue on the second book 😉

I planned these books a long time ago and had always planned on submitting it to Siren-bookstrand, so I hope they’ll enjoy them.

For the time being I will be focusing on this series. And I already have a lot of the plot down, so I’m hoping for many motivated writing days 😉 They kick in every now and then, so lets cross our fingers there are a lot of them.

I still have one more book in the Solomon’s Pride series to write, but for now I’ll just put down plot when it comes to me and keep it on hold while we work on getting out the four others out that have yet to be published (three of the previously published books and the brand new Biting Liam)


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