Release day: The Link that Binds

After a long wait, the second installment of Solomon’s Pride has been published and is available for purchase on Amazon, just follow this link. This is a republish, but has been revamped (so to speak). Much is the same, but much has changed and The Link that Binds is the most changed of the books, though still true to the original story. I hope you enjoy the read!



14 thoughts on “Release day: The Link that Binds

  1. Just got The Link that Binds. Am about halfway through and although I am loving the story the editing marks and words either crossed out and then repeated underlined or the strange symbol that looks like 2 S’s on top of each other or the numbers and letters in brackets are all off putting when trying to read. Maybe it needed a bit more editing and checking before publishing.

    • We just noticed this ourselves, it appears that my editor has uploaded the wrong file to Amazon and she’s checking this out. Of course it is disappointing that these things weren’t cleared out in the published version. I’ve waited so long to get this published. I’m waiting to hear back from my editor to see if she can fix it.

  2. Hi Dawn – I’m so happy to see Link that binds is out – or at least that it will be after your editor gets right version to Amazon.
    I do have a question though, will it be available in any other store, I see it’s R&P edition but in their store only Blood of A Leo is available.
    Thank you

    • Thanks 🙂
      Honestly, I’m not sure. The R&P site doesn’t appear to have been touched for over a year. I do know that you’ll be able to get it on amazon and smashwords. As you may have heard there were some health issues in the company and they are severely understaffed at the moment. I am hoping that having this book published is step one of them getting back on track, but I am unsure of how they will proceed the next few months. Hopefully, they can start rehiring some more people soon.

      • Thank you :-*
        I’ll keep lookout on smashwords till it gets there. 🙂
        Thank you for info about R&P I noticed that they weren’t really active but didn’t know reason. Fingers crossed that they heal.

      • Hi Dawn,
        I know I’m sounding impatient, and that it’s not really up to you; but is there any news on when it will show up on smashwords?
        I realize that with amazon glitch “real” version was released at the end of January, but since we’re now in second half of February I wanted to check if you have any new information.
        Thanks in advance :-*

      • Hi, don’t worry about sounding impatient. There’s been a mountain of issues with the publishing of this one. I’m hoping by later today it will be up on amazon again (received an email yesterday that it would be up by 24 hours – almost a month since it was officially released) And I’m not entirely sure what the situation is with smashwords, it should have been uploaded around the same time as the new version on Amazon. I also know there’s been talk about having it uploaded to Bookstrand eventually. I’m going to email my publishers though and see iif they have any insight on the smashwords front. I just would really like for some smooth sailing for a while now. Hopefully, the next one will get out easier (not sure when Heart of Dame will be out, but I will be nagging 😛 )

      • Apparently it keeps getting rejected from smashwords due to “typos”, or rather due to made up words such as Triferus. Complaints have been sent, but from hundreds of other writers as well. And the amazon version isn’t up yet either which basically just makes me want to scream.

      • Argh!
        I want to scream on your behalf
        Thank you for letting me know and I’m sorry to hear you’re having all these troubles. 😦
        I’ll keep my fingers crossed you get some smooth sailing from now on :-*

      • We are going to try to get it to Bookstrand and I’ll put up a post if it becomes available anywhere at all. All my experiences with bookstrand have been great so far, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

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