The Link that Binds – Sorted

Everything should be sorted with The Link that binds (Solomon’s Pride, book 2) now. Those of you who’ve gotten versions with editing marks still in them, have or will receive a new copy. Either it should be sent to you or you can simply re-download them from amazon.


7 thoughts on “The Link that Binds – Sorted

    • The new version has been submitted a few days ago, but then it might perhaps take a bit longer for the older version to be completely replaced. :/ I really hoped it wouldn’t take this long though

  1. Just finished re reading The Link That Binds. It was much more enjoyable to read this time without all the editing problems. Also finished Harley Protecting His Pack. I really enjoyed this book.

    • Glad to hear it 🙂 Can I ask where you got the book? (which amazon.___)There’s been a lot of problems getting the cleaned up version back up again, causing a lot of frustration. I’m hoping this is a sign that it is finally starting to get sorted. Was it sent to you or could it be updated some way? And I’m glad you liked Harley’s story, I felt really happy with this one 🙂

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