Release day: Harley – Protecting his Pack + Happy Valentines day!

Happy valentines day everyone! Why not celebrate with Alpha wolf Harley and his newfound mate? You can now get “Harley – Protecting his Pack” on Bookstrand, the final chapter of my Pack Leaders series. It is twice as long as the previous ones and possibly twice as good ^_^ I hope you enjoy the read!



3 thoughts on “Release day: Harley – Protecting his Pack + Happy Valentines day!

  1. Dear Dawn, I have a huge problem: I want this last book of your series desperately, but I have trouble getting an account on BookStrand – whatever the reason. I am an old client of Kindle on Amazon and that works completely unproblematic. Are you going to put it on Amazon as well? Pretty please?
    Best regards 🙂 A.

    • So sorry to hear you have been having trouble with bookstrand, but I can assure you that Harley will be released on Amazon as well. After a book is released it usually stays solely on the publisher’s site for a number of weeks before being added to third-party sites such as Amazon. I am not entirely sure when it will pop up there, but since the book was published over a month ago, I can’t imagine you’ll have to wait very long. If you get too impatient I urge you to check bookstrands helpdesk. I remember I used to have troubles in the beginning when I bought books there because I didn’t realize you first had to buy strandbucks 😛

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