Publication day! Yes, you read right.

After lots of hard work I have now finally published my first self-published work, namely Heart of Dame (Solomon’s Pride, book 3) on amazon. I wanted to have it out by the end of May, which I did apparently, but as it took some time getting it ready I decided to skip the whole pre-order phase.

I’m very much in a happy place now ^_^ and my plans going forward is as follows: Write thesis, prepare Keeping Zane (Solomon’s Pride, book 4) for August publication, post first free short story (short stories of the Pride) sometime in the first half of July (Patreon supporters of 3$ and more get to read it a week early), pray for sunshine this summer, and do some proofreading for a friend of mine.

You can buy Heart of Dame here


Oh, and also, if any of you comes across my books being pirated, please make whoever responsible aware that I am a living, breathing person living under a ton of student-loans


3 thoughts on “Publication day! Yes, you read right.

  1. Hi I’m glad that you have been able to continue with this series but can you let ma know if I can download this in PDF form as I don’t have a kindle and all the previous books were able to be downloaded on PDF and I would like to continue reading this series. Thanks Jayne

    • As soon as I am done with my thesis (around mid-november) I will try to publish my books using Smashwords which will let you read them in pdf format. If it isn’t too complicated, I might get them out (at least the ones I have the rights to) around the same time as the scheduled release for Biting Liam on kindle, which is late November

      • Thanks for the info. I will keep an eye out for them. Good luck with your thesis i hope it goes well for you. Jayne

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