Cover reveal – Blood of a Leo: Blut eines Löwen (German translation)

Solomon’s Pride is being translated into German ^_^ and Blood of a Leo will be out on May 25th



Kindle edition: Solomon’s Pride volume 1

Solomon’s Pride volume 1 is now available as an ebook in Kindle format at the lovely price of 9.99$ This collection includes the serie’s three first stories:

Blood of a Leo – The Link that Binds – Heart of Dame



*If you purchase the print edition, you’ll also get a great deal on the digital edition for those of you who want to have it both in paperback and on your kindle (or any other devices with a kindle-compatible e-reader)

I have also started formatting volume 1 for Smashwords for those of you who are experiencing problems with the kindle format, but it is a process that I can’t give an estimate on timewise as I am doing it inbetween working on my other projects.

I have officially started working on Solomon’s Pride, book 6 – Returning Zeke. My goal is to finish/publish Returning Zeke early autumn, and have Volume 2 ready before Christmas. Hopefully, my muses are fully charged to lend me some inspiration so I don’t stagnate :/

The cover currently used for Vol 1 is a homemade one, but hopefully I’ll have enough funds to splurge on a new print and ebook cover by the time vol 2 is ready to go, for both volumes. As you may have seen I have a gorgeous cover all ready to go for book 6 and I’m looking forward to put it to use. I only want new covers for the volumes – depending on cost I might have to limit myself to the print covers, but for now I’ll stick with the one I created.

What’s up? Well, I’ll tell you

As some of you may already know if you follow me on Twitter, I have finished my new story The Hunting Party, which is the first book in a new series called Full Moon Rituals. I have planned 3 books in this series and will probably only write 3… probably.

The Hunting Party will be released by Siren-bookstrand in May. It is currently set for May 7th, but the date isn’t necessarily set in stone just yet.

My next main project is, well, two main projects actually. I am currently working on a paperback release of my first three Solomon’s Pride books which I have decided to call Volume 1 😛 I already have a wonderful proofcopy which I am going through, weeding out all those embarrassing mistakes that should have been weeded out earlier, but I am not altering any plot, just changing a few words here and there and fixing the occasional typo. After I am done going through it (nearly there… almost nearly there) I will also have to tweak the cover a bit, but for the most part I am quite happy with what I’ve done there 🙂

THEN: part 2

  • Returning Zeke – Solomon’s Pride, book 6 ❤

The runthrough of the first books in the series is helping me freshen up on all things Solomon ^_^ so that is definitely a bonus, and while there have been some plotting, maybe even some typing, I haven’t officially Officially started it yet, but I have started it, unofficially.

After that, I have mentioned in a previous post on my top WIPs that the next in line is something else entirely, followed by something else entirely. Still keen on writing them! but at the same time I really want to start on book 2 of my Full Moon Rituals series, so I’ll just have to see what direction I am pulled when finishing up Returning Zeke. Potentially, as my story Saying yes to coffee, is a shorter story, I might just write this alongside Returning Zeke as a project to work on if I ever get stuck. Saying yes to coffee – is the first book in a series of short-ish stand alones that I will be self-publishing, and funnily enough I already have a cover for the two first books in that one ^_^

Top 5 WIP

I thought I’d add a Top 5 of my Works in Progress. I probably have a list down to the floor if you include my ideas in progress, but these are my Top 5 (As in, most likely the things I’ll write first, or am currently working on. Hopefully, I’ll get to work on all of them throughout 2018.) Of course, things might change later on, but for now, I consider these my Top WIP.

  1.  The Hunting Party (Fullmoon Rituals, book 1) – Currently my main project
  2. Returning Zeke (Solomon’s Pride, book 6) – Currently plotting inbetween working on The Hunting Party
  3. Saying yes to Coffee (An invitation, book 1) – A series of shorter stand-alone stories centered around an exclusive “dating” service company. I’ll probably work on this one alongside Returning Zeke to keep things going if I get stuck on something.
  4. Forgiveness (Blood demons, book 1) – Really excited about this series, it is quite a different setting from what I normally write.
  5. Hm, this one is probably a toss up between Blood demons, book 2 and Full moon rituals, book 2, or possibly An invitation, book 2… We’re definitely talking a sequel here 😛 Or a number 1 for an entirely new story… hm… probably should have made this list a Top 4 instead 😛


Other news:

  • I am still aiming at getting my Solomon’s Pride books out on Smashwords, but it is going to take longer than I expected. The Smashwords Style guide is literally 117 pages and aimed at an earlier word program than what I’m using. So it is going to happen, but it’s going to take some time.
  • As soon as Returning Zeke is completed, I’ll start working on having the Solomon’s Pride books released in paperback on Amazon, in volumes of 3 stories.


2017 sum-up + a delayed Christmas gift

This has been a big year for me 🙂 My top acheivement is that I now hold a Master’s degree in comparative literature. Another acheivement is that I have stepped into the realm of self-publishing which has allowed me to catch up on my Solomon’s Pride books and finally getting to republish the works in the series that needed to be and get me to the point where I could finally publish the newest book, Biting Liam. There still remains 1 book to be written in this series (+ 3 sort of spinoffy stand-alony stories – but those are for laters) The 6th book in the Solomon’s Pride series is called “Returning Zeke” I have a fair bit plotted out – most of the big stuff, but very little actual writing has taken place with that one yet. Next on my list now, except giddyingly awaiting the German translations of Solomon’s Pride, is getting those books (the english versions) released on Smashwords so that those of you who have trouble with the kindle formats can get to read them through there. (I should have already taken care of this, but after finishing up my degree I’ve been on a recharging break. Sleeping, celebrating the holidays and playing with my newly adopted kitty, Eddie ^_^ ) After fixing that and toying around with some cover-creating for a future print volume of Solomon’s pride (sets of 3 stories) I will be finishing up my story “The Hunting Party” which is the first of three stories in my Fullmoon Rituals series – I started writing this a long time ago, but got sidelined when I came up with the idea for “Blood of a Leo” and got caught up in my Solomon’s Pride world. Not to worry though, I am about 4/5 through, and as soon as that is complete and submitted to Siren Bookstrand, I will get started on “Returning Zeke”, which brings me back to my little gift: A COVER REVEAL 





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