Solomon’s Pride:

#1 Blood of a Leo    #2 The Link that Binds    #3 Heart of Dame

#4 Keeping Zane    #5 Biting Liam    #6 Returning Zeke – Not yet released


Full Moon Rituals


#1 The Hunting Party

Pack Leaders:

#1 Bailey – Bending the rules (EnglishGerman)

#2 Duke – Taught by his mate (EnglishGerman)

#3 Cody – Crashing the party (EnglishGerman)

#4 Harley – Protecting his pack (EnglishGerman)


Other ebooks:


When blood Beckons (EnglishGerman)


Print books (paperback):


Pack Leaders – Sammelband (German edition)

Pack Leaders Volume 1 (English) Volume 2

Solomons Pride, Vol. 1 (English)


29 thoughts on “Books

  1. Hi
    I have just finished reading- Blood of a Leo and have to say that I read it all in one go- loved it. Please can you put me out of my misery by saying there will be a more in the series? Maybe even a hint of when the next one will be out?
    happy writing

    • Glad you enjoyed the read ^^of course there’ll be more 🙂
      In total the “Solomon’s Pride” serie will contain 6 books, I am currently working on the second one, “The Link That Binds” As for when it will be out, I urge you to see the WIP (Work In Progress) page on my blog for better insight 🙂

      All the positive comeback has my fingers tapping so hopefully I’ll get a lot of progress these next couple of weeks 😉

  2. I’ll have to agree with the other reader and say i just finished the first in solomans pride. I really love the story. I can hardly wait till the next book to come out. Thank You so much for the fantastic read. I will be waiting to get all the books to that series. julie

  3. Totally agree with the others …. please, please release a follow up soon! want to see Mika what’s coming to him…hateful man…and Christa…. oooohhh … that woman has to die sloooowly and paiiiiinfully …pretty please?? ha, ha, ha… sound soo bloodthirsty… but now seriously…loved and enjoyed the book and well…HURRY UP WITH THE NEST ONE!!!

  4. hey just finished blood of a leo and loved it cant wait to see what happens next looks like you got a lot planned good luck and thanx for the storys

  5. i Love you book read in about and hour, I’m a speed reader so I usually read 3 books a day. Love Blood Of Leo

  6. Like your stuff…Please say that someday in the future your series “Solomon’s Pride” will include a story with some one nabbing the big guy for a mate, i.e. Solomon?

  7. hello! i just finished reading your book (blood of a leo) for the second time…it’s really good! i was wondering if we’ll see more of zane and casey?

  8. After reading your comment, I’m not going to lie; it kinda broke my heart a little when I saw that there’s going to be a third person added. However, I won’t judge yet. You never know! 🙂

    • I know some people have issues with m/m/m stories, but when I start writing a serie, I have the whole world in my mind and most of what is going to happen and Casey and Zane were always meant to have another mate and I would never defy destiny just because people might have problems with it. But rest assured I’m gonna do my best with it 🙂

  9. I just finished all 3 of Solomon’s Pride. They are all fantastic. Can’t wait for the next 3. Waiting patiently…well, maybe not so patiently, but waiting at least.

  10. I’ve just finished reading The Link That Binds and I am now starting Heart of Dame. I love the pride so much, I really want to read Sol’s story how he meets his mate, is he human? And are you releasing a story about Damian? and will Kett get one?

    • everyone in the pride will have their book ^^ and btw, Dame is short for Damian 🙂
      I’m saving Sol for last, but I can tell you his mate isn’t human. What, you’ll find out later.

      • I’ve just now realised about Damian!!! Yes ❤ I love Damian he has to be one my favourite characters. I hope Mika dies soon. I'm really beginning to hate that man!!

  11. Love your books!! Had finished reading a series the first two weeks of january and have been trying to find more to read…. after reading probally about 20-30 different samples… I finally found your books and read two of them over the weekend and almost done with the third…. sad to know now i have to wait for the 4th book though… haha It will be worth the wait im sure!!


    Havent read since highschool on my 10th book this year and counting woo!!

  12. Why can I not buy any more of your books in iTunes? I read the first 3 pride books but can’t get any more. So please put them in iTunes for those of us who buy books in iTunes only.

    • I’m sorry to hear this, but where the ebooks are available from is not up to me, but the publishers. They are the ones who choose their distibution channels. I do hope you continue to read my books though and you can safely purchase them at as well as some other sites. If you go to the FAQ part (on the bottom of the page on ) and look into the Author section, you will find a list of distributors for the books. (I am not completely sure if this list contain all current distributors, but you should definitely be able to get them at the sites mentioned)

  13. just curious, since i adore this series, but is there a time frame for when the next book of Solomon’s Pride is out? thanks!!

      • sweet :). i’ll keep a look out for it then.

        forgive me for asking this, but i figured i should.. especially since your one of the two people i look for over at Silver Publishing. with the issues that other authers are having with them, are you staying there.. or were you gonna go somewhere else?

        again, it’s not somethign you have to answer.. i was just curious.

      • I’m sure a lot of people have heard of the “growing pains” of Silver publishing, but they are working on things and I wish them all the best and though I can’t guarentee that I won’t use other publishers (what type of book I’m writing will be the biggest influence on this) but Solomon’s Pride will be finished at Silver as far as I’m concerned 🙂 and unless things go beyond repair I can definitely see myself publish more books beyond the Solomon’s Pride series at Silver

        My project after completing Solomon’s Pride will be the full moon rituals serie, which will be a three book series and I’m also planning a little something something for our dear Alpha wolf, Saber from the pride books. (funny thing actually, I wrote the plot for his book before I started writing Solomon’s Pride but along the way decided that I would write him in the serie as a side character. Though you won’t need any knowledge of Solomon’s Pride to read that book which will be a stand alone)

  14. well i have read some of these post and most i agree with. i love your books. and i don’t care how many characters you plan on putting with a mated set. i judge based on the style of writing and if an author can create an emotional response out of me. so the Solomon’s pride series is indeed one that can create such a response. and like most fans i cant wait for the next book. i own all four so far on my kindle. so i can take them any where with me. thanks for writing a very good series. and thanks for keeping me on my toes while I wait for the next one. i cant wait to see what happens with Liam and his vampire. or who or what you plan to put Sol with.

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