Jace & Link (A Solomon’s Pride short story)

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*This story contains a sex-scene and readers should read The Link that Binds before reading this story to avoid spoilers*


Link’s neck ached after a long day of taking inventory at the bar. Trey, the bastard, had ducked out early after loading in a new delivery of beer kegs. Heavy fucking kegs that Link was left to sort away. Of course, the rest of the order had mysteriously vanished from the damn shipment.

Link found he was always running low on his good scotch these days. Saber and his horde of wolf-shifter had declared the place their favorite new hangout ever since Link switched sides and they drank the shit like it was apple juice. Definitely good for business, but he needed to make sure he kept his supply well stocked if he wanted to keep it that way.

He’d contacted his supplier, so hopefully he could get the missing cases to him before the weekend. Hell, he even doubled the order. His supplier was happy, but Link made damn sure to inform him that if he didn’t deliver the drinks on time, he’d switch him out with someone who could, faster than he could spell customer service.

For now though, Link just wanted to go home. When Trey resurfaced, Link had shot him a dirty look and left him to deal with the nights drunks alone.

Walking up the stone stairs up to the Pride manor, his mind was set on locating his mate and have Jace work out the knots in his neck. He doubted his snow-leopard mate would deny him, any excuse to run his hands over his body, Jace never hesitated. Not that Link was any better. Jace had proven to be quite addictive and with his knowledge of the human body, he would know just the spots to knead to make Link one happy man.

It was late, but that’s when the felines were the most active. He knew some of the Pride members were out on the prowl. Hunting vampires. Jace rarely went out, not unless any of the local packs needed a doctor. Link preferred it that way. He didn’t like the idea of his mate being put in the crossfire between vamp and shifter. The last time his mate had tried to play a bigger role in a Pride-sanctioned mission he’d ended up in enemy hands.

It was the story of how the two of them met, but now that that was out of the way, Jace really didn’t need to be playing soldier on any more missions. Not that his mate didn’t know how to take care of business. If it hadn’t been for Jace, Link’s kids would have been taken by Mika and his goons, and probably been added to their stock of slave blood-donors.

Link shuddered.

That night, Jace had proved himself not just a good mate, but a good father. Or step-father at least. The kids might not have approved with their dad dating a man at first, but funny how being saved from a bunch of fanged assailants, by that very same man who just so happened to be able to shift into a snow-leopard, changed things. Hell, even Deb, Link’s ex adored him after that one.

Taking a detour through the kitchen, Link grabbed himself a turkey sandwich from the fridge and chowed down. Damian, the only good vampire Link knew of, always kept the fridge stocked with food that you could grab on the go. It was mainly intended for the guys who patrolled the city and guarded the area surrounding the Pride’s HQ, but there was always extra left over and the vamp really had a knack for food.

Feeling better after having eaten something, Link headed towards the bedroom he shared with his mate, where he knew Jace would be waiting for him. The few times he wasn’t there, he was in his office going over all kinds of medical files, either for the council or for the local packs, but even for Jace this would be working late.

As soon as he laid eyes on the door to their room, Link felt his cock stir. After being mated to Jace, it had become somewhat of a conditioned response. Link might be human, but with being mated to a shifter, his libido had changed accordingly. He still wanted that massage though. It was as good a foreplay as any.

His plans were somehow derailed though when he opened the door.

Pausing, with only one foot inside the room, he watched Jace sitting on their bed. Not that that was anything new, but their room looked like a copier had exploded. The entire bed was covered in papers and pamphlets, several of which had spilled onto the floor.

“Jace?” Link asked hesitantly. He wasn’t entirely sure if his mate had lost his mind or if he was just lost in a case. He never brought any of his work-papers into their bedroom with him, so it had to be something else.

“Hey Link,” Jace said absentmindedly, without looking up from the paper he was looking over.

“Honey, explain,” Link requested as he entered the room fully and closed the door behind him.

“Hm?” Jace finally looked up from the mess with a confused look on his face.

“What is this?” Link asked pointing out the numerous piles of paper.

“Oh right,” Jace shook his head and gathered up some of the mess to clear a space for Link to sit. “College applications. For Kyle. His SATs were pretty impressive. Choosing the right college is paramount for him to get the future he wants. I just don’t want him to get distracted by flashy pamphlets and party-schools, so I’m weeding out the worst choices.”

Link tilted his head and studied his mate before letting out a soft chuckle.

His oldest son, Kyle, was a senior in high school and would soon have to start sending in applications to colleges, something which was stressing the kid out. It warmed Link’s heart just how seriously his mate took his role as a parental figure for the kids.

From the first moment Jace learnt about Kyle and Jason, he was protective of them. Deb still had primary custody of the boys, but they got them every other weekend and usually around the holidays, though they tried to all get together for Christmas and the kids birthdays. She wasn’t a bitch about it either so they did alternate whenever it was needed without any fuss. She’d actually ended up being the mate to one of Saber’s wolves, so technically, his kids had three fathers now.

But college applications? Jace really went above and beyond what Link had ever expected of him. He loved that Jace wasn’t afraid to take charge on things. He never went against his and Deb’s wishes, but he still threw in his two cents when he had something to say.

“Do you think California is too far away?” Jace asked him, “Berkeley has a really great engineering faculty and who doesn’t love the golden state.”

“Deb would kill you if you ever tried to send him that far away,” Link assured him as he sat down on the bed and glanced over the brochures. “Oxford? Really?”

“He might like to travel,” Jace shrugged.

“Even I wouldn’t let him study abroad,” Link said and shook his head. “One semester, maybe, if he begged me, but not the whole degree.”

“Fair enough,” Jace conceded, “but we need to nurture the kid. He might not be Harvard material, but a lot of great schools would love to have him. And part of letting him thrive is by sending him somewhere that doesn’t suck or stifles his spirit.”

“I’ll settle for sending him somewhere safe,” Link told him, “but I would still prefer him to be within a couple of hours driving. In the opposite direction of any goddamned vampires. Where campus police are armed.”

“If you send Kyle somewhere the campus police are armed with live ammo, I doubt he’ll be somewhere he’ll actually get a quality education. You shouldn’t worry so much Link,” Jace gave him a soft smile, “Mika’s days are numbered. I guarantee it.”

“Won’t believe it before I see it, mate,” Link shook his head dejectedly.

“Don’t hang your head, Link,” Jace chided him and put his hand on Link’s shoulder, “not unless you plan on giving me a blowjob.”

Link chuckled. Sometimes, Jace knew just the right thing to say.

He sighed contently as Jace’s hand moved to the back of his neck and squeezed the sore muscles.

“Wow, you’re rock-hard,” Jace said sounding concerned.

“Not yet,” Link mumbled.

Jace’s hand disappeared and suddenly piles of paper were being shoved off the bed.

“On your stomach,” Jace ordered him.

“Oh, it’s like that, is it?” Link rolled his eyes, but couldn’t hide his smile at his cat’s determination.

“Down,” Jace smirked and gave his shoulder a push, again urging him to follow his orders. “Your neck, back and ass are safe with me.”

Link wasn’t sure how safe his ass was, but he obeyed his mate and laid down in the middle of the bed.

He suppressed a groan as Jace straddled him and gave a tentative thrust against his ass. He knew Jace would never be able to resist.

“Neck and shoulders,” Link reminded him, figuring his mate had forgotten all about why Link had laid down in the first place.

“Sure,” Jace said sounding distracted.

“Hey,” Link protested as Jace tore his shirt open from the back and tried to sit up, but his mate pushed him back down.

“Sorry, not sorry,” Jace purred behind him and Link definitely felt something twitch against his denim-clad ass. “I hated that shirt.”

Link was about to respond to that shirt-remark, but before he could Jace moved his hands up Link’s back and began working the tight muscles.

The faint scent of shea-butter filled the room as Jace worked it into his back and shoulders. The shifter usually hated to use scented lotions, preferring Link’s natural musk, so clearly Link was wound tighter than he’d thought for his mate to have brought that out.

Times like these, Link wished he could purr like his mate. Jace’s hands were skilled and his knowledge of human anatomy certainly served Link well as he felt his body go limp as it relaxed under Jace’s touch.

Of course, not all things were limp.

It was evident that Jace was enjoying having his hands all over Link just as much as he enjoyed being under them.

Link didn’t bottom very often and had only once let Jace top him when he was in his larger Triferus shape, but Link knew where his massage was headed. Especially when Jace started making needy sounds and began to grind harder against his ass.

“Mine,” Jace rumbled as he bent down and nipped down on the back of Link’s neck, hard enough that it would leave a mark.

“Yours,” Link agreed, feeling heat radiating from the small bite.

Jace made a growly sound when he moved back and began pulling on Link’s jeans.

Link moved to help his mate get them off, but Jace pushed him down again and instead laid down on top of him and moved his hand underneath them to open the top button of his jeans.

Link groaned as Jace slipped his hand inside his pants and into his boxer, grabbing hold of his thick cock which was throbbing in beat with his heart.

Jace pushed against his still covered ass again and pumped Link’s cock.

“Shit,” Link practically hissed.

“Can my leopard come out and play?” Jace begged ever so sweetly as he gently squeezed his cock.

“Not until your birthday,” Link said firmly.

He loved Jace, but the Triferus part of him was quite a lot to handle.

Link thought he could hear Jace pouting as he sighed.

“Can I at least play with my mate,” Jace tried again.

Link knew what kind of games Jace liked to play and they weren’t altogether unpleasant. Jace had… toys, many he used on himself, but Link wasn’t quite as… advanced… as his mate. However, knowing by the hardness of his mate that was pushing at his lower back that… Jace wouldn’t be able to hold back and wouldn’t torture him by holding him at the brink of release for too long. With that in mind, Link figured it would be safe enough to let his mate have a bit of free range.

Link nodded, giving his mate his permission. “Just not anything pink.”

Jace moaned happily and nibbled a bit on Link’s right ear-lobe before he backed away, extracted his hands from Link’s pants and pulled the jeans and boxers off him.

Link fought tensing up again, not sure exactly what Jace would pull out of his bag of tricks for the night.

He winced when he felt something cold press between his ass-cheeks and rest against his opening.

Cold… hard.

Jace had brought out the metal butt plug with the big jewel on the end. Link felt his face heat up. Jace wasn’t usually a flashy guy, so when he bought the butt plug which would make it look like he had diamonds coming out his ass when it was in, Link wasn’t sure what to think of it. He hadn’t seen his mate use it either, so maybe Jace had intended it for Link all along. Link had outright banned Jace’s bubblegum pink ones near his ass, but that bejeweled crap…

He couldn’t just have gotten him a gold chain or something?

The familiar sound of a lid being opened was all the warning he had before Jace poured it onto the plug rested between his ass-cheeks, the excess lube running down his crack.

“So exactly how relaxed did my massage make you?” Jace asked him and gently prodded Link’s entrance.

“Wha… Fuck!” Link groaned when Jace pushed it all the way in.

Link breathed in deep as his body adjusted to the sudden intrusion. Just how impatient was his mate?

At least he’d lubed the damn thing first.

Jace apologized by massaging first his ass, then his lower back and up to his shoulders.

With one leg between Link’s thighs, Jace lay down on top of him, naked now, and kissed him between the shoulder-blades.

He wasn’t too apologetic though, as he pushed his hips against Link’s ass, moving the butt plug that stretched him.

Link wasn’t as tender this time around and felt his cock twitch as Jace’s movements caused the tip of the plug to graze his prostate, over and over again as Jace rubbed against him.

“Fuck me,” Link told his mate. As much as he enjoyed how the toy was moving inside of him, he would never choose it over Jace.

“Not done playing yet,” Jace said reluctantly and continued his thrusts against his ass and the jewel at the end.

“Fuck me,” Link repeated.

Jace groaned and grabbed hold of the end of the plug, pulled it back so it almost popped out and held it there.

“But I just made you look so pretty,” Jace argued, mostly with himself as he slowly twisted the plug round.

“Jace,” Link said sternly and supported himself on his elbows as he looked back at his mate, “you take that bejeweled, metal fuck-toy out of my ass and screw me.”

Link saw the feline part of Jace surging just behind his eyes, fighting for control and Link wasn’t sure if he regretted it or not when Jace’s skin began to ripple as he changed into his Triferus form.

The larger Jace pulled out the plug, throwing it somewhere off the side of the bed.

“Mate,” Jace made a rumbling sound, halfway between a purr and a growl, through his slightly altered maw.

Link had initially rejected Jace’s proposal of his Triferus, but he didn’t dare reject him now. Hell, he didn’t want to.

Jace’s weight on his body lifted as he repositioned himself properly between Link’s thighs and startled Link when he roughly pulled him back, raising his hips.

“Jace,” Link warned, worried his mate might push in just as fast as he had with the butt plug.

“Safe hands, remember?” Jace awkwardly chuckled as he let sharp claws brush up his thighs towards his ass. “I won’t let you get hurt.”

Slowly, Jace inched closer and Link was distracted by the feel of the soft fur covering his mate’s thighs as they pushed in between his own.

He was surprised to feel the tip of Jace’s cock push inside without friction. Somehow, Link had missed Jace lubing up.

Still, Jace kept pushing in, nice and slow, and whenever he met resistance, he pulled back an inch before pushing back in a bit firmer, making Link open up around his considerable length.

Link had to focus on his breathing as his mate pushed in the final inches of his now ten-inch-long throbbing dick. All the while Jace smoothed his hands down Link’s body, soothing his muscles as they tensed and every now and then dragged his claws down his sides, making him tighten around Jace’s cock.

A rumbling purr sounded as Jace sank in the rest of the way.

Link expected him to pause a bit to let him get used to the stretch, but he was wrong.

After rocking into him a few times, Jace, with a firm grip on Link’s hips, started pounding into him with short thrusts, each thrust sliding his hard length against Link’s prostate.

“Jace,” Link gasped as he tried to catch his breath.

Jace’s near-brutal thrusts made his body sing. The fucking was rough and fast, but with the constant pressure against his prostate, his climax quickly began to build. Still, Link felt blindsided when he came hard.

He felt like he’d blown a fuse. Spots appeared before his eyes and he had to shake his head not to shut down completely.

Jace hadn’t slowed down one bit though and seemed to be fucking him harder, with longer strokes, but pushing in more insistently.

Link’s body was still over-sensitized and his mate’s continued fucking almost made him want to pull away just so his body could stabilize, but Jace’s feral speed would have made that impossible.

When one of Jace’s hands moved to his shoulder and the other reached around him to grab his cock and pumped him in tact with the thrusts, made Link push into the grip on pure instinct.

With Jace’s enthusiastic fucking, and stimulating him inside and out, Link started to harden again.

“How long?” Link panted, not sure how many orgasms he could take before passing out.

“Soon,” Jace grunted and moved his thighs to spread Link out further as he fucked him into the mattress, trapping Link’s cock and Jace’s hand underneath them.

A few more harsh thrusts later, Jace roared.

Link came as he felt his mate’s release filling him.

“Oh God,” Link whimpered pathetically as he felt his stomach expand slightly due to the sheer amount of cum his mate pumped into him, which had no room to escape around Jace’s big cock which was still seated inside of him.

Jace rested his head on Link’s back, breathing heavily.

“You have the greatest ass,” Jace moaned appreciatively as his body changed back into its normal size, relieving some of the pressure inside Link.

“I’ll take your word for it,” Link panted, feeling exhausted.

“Oh, you should,” Jace chuckled.

They laid there for a while, Jace occasionally rocking his hips, pushing into his half-hard cock into Link.

Then all of sudden that ended.

“What are you doing?” Link frowned as Jace suddenly flopped down next to him and grabbed his phone off the nightstand and started dialing.

Jace hushed him by holding up his hand.

“Yeah hello, Deb? It’s Jace,” he spoke into the phone. “Sorry to wake you, I just thought of the perfect place for Kyle to go to college.”

“Seriously?” Link scoffed, feeling just a little bit offended. “I guess there’s no more time for afterglow then.” He muttered to himself and turned on his side to get some much-needed sleep. Right now, he was perfectly happy to let his mate and ex figure out their son’s schooling by themselves.

Jace could inform him of their decision in the morning.